We specialise in the following Grooming Services





Blow Dry

Puppy Trims

Professional in-salon service

I offer a personal grooming service, carried out with a caring, professional and loving attitude. 

Your dog will be given a first class service which includes nails and dew claws, groin area, armpits, ears, bathed in an appropriate shampoo for your particular dogs coat followed by a conditioner. 'they are gently dried and styled to your requirements.

There is a very effective flea bath available but this is optional. (please ask)


Please always feel free to contact us should you have any pricing inquiries.

We are always happy to answer any questions you have or advise you in any way we can. 

If you need to cancel or re-arrange an appointment, please give Happy Tails Grooming a call, text or email and were happy to re-arrange your appointment. 

Please give us as much notice as possible, as there may
be a pooch that would love your cancellation. 

If we can fit you in, we will most certainly do so.

We hope that you will check out Happy Tails Pet Grooming for your dog's next bath or full groom
Bathing & Drying
This will include a bath with professional shampoo & conditioners for your dogs skin & coat needs then hand dried, Brushing, 
de-matting & loose fur removed. And to finish off, nails trimmed,ears plucked and cleaned then a coat conditioning spray added.

Clipping & Trimming
This will include a bath with professional shampoo & conditioners for your dogs skin & coat needs then hand dryed. Groomed out ,de-matting & loose under coat removed. I can clip & trim to breed standards, but if this does not fit in with your life style I will clip & trim to your needs. And to finish off, nails trimmed, ears plucked and cleaned then a coat conditioning sprays is added.

Hand stripping
Happy Tails hand strip to breed standards. If you wish us to bath your dog after being stripped we will do so for you , but it is not normal practice, as it take the natural oils form the coat making it harder to strip your dog.

Anal glands
Teeth cleaning

Please note Happy Tails grooming doesn't use drying cabinets, everything is done by hand.
Happy Tails Grooming recommend getting your dog groomed
Wooly (fluffy) breeds 5 - 8 weeks
Silky breeds 8 - 12 weeks
wirery breeds 2 - 4 times a year
Double coated breeds 3 - 4 times a year
But this is not written in stone, all coats are different.
Prices quoted include the full Happy Tails grooming session and are for coats in good condition .
Crossbreeds are priced according to size and coat type.

Severely matted dogs will carry an extra charge. In accordance with the Animal Welfare Act
We will not put your dog through lengthy de-matting.If your dog is matted, we can discuss the best course of action
which will typically be a clip off as this is kindest and humanist thing for your dog. (extreme cases only)




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